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Creating a digital time capsule

CCC partnering with South Georgia Heritage Trust on two-year project to create digital time capsule.

Over the next two years, CCC will be partnering with the South Georgia Heritage Trust and the South Georgia Museum to create The Whalers’ Memory Bank,  a new digital platform to provide a space to share this important part of Scottish social history. With funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, the project will work alongside a number of museums and former whaling communities in Scotland.

The Memory Bank will create a living, growing digital time capsule where veterans of the whaling industry, their families and communities can come together to contribute and share their stories with a wider audience. The story of modern whaling in the Southern Hemisphere is a controversial one with British companies playing a key role in the industry. These companies had a largely Scottish workforce and attracted many working-class men with the promise of adventure and competitive wages. Now, only a dwindling number of men survive that have first-hand memories of this industry, an integral part of Scottish social history. They are the last generation to be able to share their stories, knowledge and personal collections before they are lost forever.

Working closely with the South Georgia Museum curatorial team, CCC will responsible for: design and production of the site, working with our digital and interpretation partners; experience architecture; content production; creation of a VR experience; and support for community events and co-production activities. CCC will also be responsible for the all-important PR and communications throughout the course of the project.

Maintenance crew aboard a whale catcher ship © South Georgia Museum
A whale being processed at Grytviken, 1959 © South Georgia Museum

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